Our Full White Label product is a turnkey solution that combines all the essential components that your business requires to enter the FX and CFD industry and encompasses our brokerage engine and direct liquidity under one ultimate package.

Full White Label
User interfaces
White Label Solutions
We provide you with everything a brokerage business requires to operate successfully, from A to Z: our Brokerage Engine solution combined with additional components. The additional components are as follows:
An easy to use portal that helps traders and IB partners view and manage their accounts.
Personal Area for traders
Personal Area for IB partners
A private portal that contains information about a trader's accounts, in addition to giving them the ability to make deposits, withdraw funds and select their desired settings.

This shows the amount of partnership reward a partner has received for transactions performed by the clients they have signed up.

Mobile app & Mobile terminal
Quick access to traders' Personal Area from mobile devices as well as mobile version of the trading terminal.
Back office system
Monitor your traders' money flow, trading results, and your traders info. Adjust your pricing model depending on the risk profile of your clients and transfer high risk business cases to Exness.
PSP provision
We provide you with payment solutions via established PSPs, which we have carefully chosen based on reliability and cost-effectiveness.
CRM system
Fully integrated CRM system to effectively manage your customer data, operate with marketing and sales processes. Maintenance of existing customers.
& experience
Our experts are on hand to offer advice and recommendations in every step of the way whilst establishing your brokerage.
Social Trading App
Social Trading is a copy trading service that gives investors the ability to invest in the strategies of experienced traders. It's ideal for people who want to invest in the forex market but lack the experience or time to do so.
Product Features
Out of the Box Brokerage Solution
The only processes our White Label partner is exclusively responsible for are the marketing and customer support processes. We take care of the rest.

Deferred loss coverage
We protect you in cases and periods that monthly revenue might take a hit. Our deferred loss coverage provided to White Label partners is a credit line to cover such cases.

Different business model
You are now able to copy our tried and tested business model and use it to penetrate any market segment you want.

We provide fully-connected configured components within our White Label product. Save your time and resources with our ready-to-use product.
Real-time risk solution
To guard the threats found in the brokerage business we protect you from market crashes, negative account balance, arbitrageurs and fraudsters.

No minimum monthly fees
We do not require monthly fees from our White Label partners as a pricing model. Also we are not setup any minimum trading volume requirements.
Pricing Model
and Legal Aspects
Pricing model
Financial license
If you're thinking about creating your own brokerage business, then obtaining an FX license is one of the first matters you need to see to. This of course depends on the jurisdiction you wish to operate in. Some jurisdiction have stringent requirements to start a brokerage business. Our Legal Team is ready to consider each case.
The Exness White Label offering is flexible in its commercial terms. We are able to provide different partnership options depending on your business plan and risk appetite.
Our main offer is a partnership based on Profit-and-Loss sharing. We trust our business model and strongly believe
in having our skin in the game. Our partners can be absolutely confident that we care about our cooperation
in a fair and responsible way and that we are totally committed to making our joint business successful.