Brokerage Engine Solution
Brokerage Engine Solution is an integrated business and technology product from Exness that enables customers to launch and operate a modern online brokerage infrastructure and highly profitable business model.
Brokerage as
a Service Technology
Our Brokerage Engine Solution is a totally innovative and revolutionizing technology. It is a Brokerage-As-A-Service (BaaS) product which we have created with the aim of democratizing a brokerage business and enabling it for different segments of customers.
Brokerage Engine is an integrated technology and business solution that includes years of technological achievements and operating success from the Exness Group. It enables customers to launch and operate a modern online brokerage infrastructure and highly successful business with minimal investments.
Brokerage Engine includes Risk Management and Anti-fraud solution in addition to a Connectivity and Execution Services in the wide range of high-leveraged FX and CFD products.
Exness Brokerage Engine is a versatile product. All you need to do is to connect it to your own proprietary or any other third-party software of your choice — be it a trading platform, back office solutions, CRM systems, client user area or PSP solutions. You may choose any configuration using advanced module solutions from Exness or even go turnkey Full White Label Solution.
We offer a very attractive business model based on your choice of the profit and loss sharing ratio — just in line with your risk appetite and clients' risk portfolio. Our integrated Risk Management and Anti-fraud algorithms are exactly the same that Exness applies in its daily operations.
We offer the best-in-class integrated risk management, fraud and market abuse detection solutions, at no additional cost. We believe that B2B should be based on true partnerships — we do not have any conflict of interests and we care about your clients as much as we care about ours; therefore, you get everything that Exness uses in-house.
You can choose your own business model: profit-and-loss sharing, agency type or combined. And your business model is also well underpinned by the loss deferral scheme - for those unfavorable times of losses that are inevitable in brokerage business.

Brokerage Engine Solutions Partnership Product Structure
Stable and scalable hosting infrastructure prepared for geographic and product portfolio expansion, regulation-compliant clients funds segregation, back-office processing services, ongoing IT-support and continuous product development makes Exness Brokerage Engine one of the most modern and attractive brokerage business solutions on the market

We provide:
Scalable and agile hosting solution designed for geographic and product portfolio expansion
Access to deep market-making liquidity,
stable and quality execution
Industry-standard MT4/MT5 trading
platforms infrastructure
API connectivity for your proprietary trading
and back-office functionality
Efficient risk management and
anti-fraud solutions in real-time
Profit/Loss sharing commercial
business model
Short-term operational
launch credit facilities
Ongoing loss
deferral feature
Dedicated customer service, ongoing support
of IT, risk management, trading, operations
Continued investments and development
of B2B Solutions and infrastructure
You provide:
Strong brand to create
and leverage
Connect to our trading platforms or use your
own or market available trading interfaces
Use our back-office solutions or connect
your proprietary products
Local marketplace
Marketing, sales and
advertising process
Creating local partnership networks
and distribution channels
Client acquisition, onboarding
and servicing
Plug your infrastructure to our engine and concentrate on only vital and important things
to expand your business
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