Direct Liquidity Provision
Exness provides the best quality multi-asset liquidity through integration platforms or own FIX API. We are a multi-asset company offering gold, FX, crypto, oil, indices and stocks. We use real-time risk management solutions and sophisticated price models to provide unique, consistent liquidity to our counterparties.
Trading conditions
We tailor our conditions based on the specific requirements of each counterparty. We analyze your flow and provide the best trading conditions that meet your needs. We provide our own Liquidity, we do not recycle it from third parties.
For the major instruments we provide a fixed spread more than 95% of the time. We provide the maximum leverage according to the regulatory requirements of the specific regions where the customer operates, up to 1:2000.
Our portfolio contains metals, FX, crypto, commodities, indices and stocks.
Our spreads and Instruments table
Business conditions
We provide a loss deferral option to decrease the negative effect of the rare cases when the trading result is loss. Exness will pay the full amount of the loss in such cases and will decrease the customer's profit in future periods to cover the customer's loss paid by Exness.
Our customers choose their pricing model based on the share of the Profit and Loss, opting for one that gives them the necessary level of safety due to the nature of the model. Profits and losses are shared in the same proportion between Exness and the customer. The proportion of the Profit Share is defined by the customer. Customers that use the Profit Share model will reap all the benefits of our proprietary risk management solution which is used in the Exness Retail business.
Pricing model
For more conservative customers we offer a standard mark-up based pricing model. There are no additional commissions based on trading volume.
Technical conditions
We provide you with a number of interfaces to utilise our liquidity through:
Our FIX API can be used for direct connection with our liquidity and free of charge. This is an obvious choice for our customers.
PrimeXM Platform
PrimeXM's XCore is the industry solution for those seeking an ultra-low latency order management and reporting solution. PrimeXM is already used by hundreds of clients and liquidity providers globally and supports multi-asset classes, across an ultra-low latency network, supported by institutional grade infrastructure.
Gold-i Platform
Gold-i Matrix is a platform connected with MT4, MT5 or standard FIX API, giving you a super-fast, very easy to use, highly flexible platform with multiple routing and aggregation methods that also allow you to analyse top-line information.